Monday, May 4, 2009

Two Week Menu Plan

We've got a busy two weeks ahead of us! Next weekend I'll be traveling to North Carolina for my brother's college graduation. I'll be taking the baby with me and leaving Daddy and the big girl home together.

Once upon a time my husband probably would have ordered takeout while I was gone, but as we've grown together in frugality we've learned to rely on things like that less and less. Instead, I plan to leave a list of simple lunches/dinners that he can heat up from the freezer or pantry.

Here's our menu plan for the next two weeks:

cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, super power muffins (these were sooo good), ham and eggs

cold cuts, pbj, cheese and crackers, leftovers, beans and rice, pasta salad

Mon - tacos, salad
Tues - hot dogs, chips, fruit (picnic at Michael's softball game)
Wed - Leftover tacos, corn, fruit
Thurs - Cajun Black Beans with Sausage and Corn, corn muffins
Fri - Pasta Primavera, salad, bread

Options for Sat-Mon lunches/dinners:
- frozen homemade chicken nuggets, corn
- frozen pizza (homemade and takeout)
- hot dogs, chips, fruit
- frozen Swedish meatballs, sauce packet, rice
- pasta with marinara sauce, salad, bread

Tues - Chicken pasta salad, muffins (Michael's softball game)
Wed - Chinese Orange Beef, rice, green beans
Thurs - Leftovers
Fri - Spinach Rice Casserole, muffins, fruit
Sat - Grilled chicken fajitas
Sun - Leftovers or other

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