Monday, June 8, 2009

My Weekend Bargain

I didn't get any outstanding grocery deals this week, so I skipped my usual Saturday bargains post. However, I did get a great non-grocery bargain on Saturday that I just had to share with you.

I walked into Walmart with the baby late Saturday afternoon to quickly grab something and saw this standing on a large wheeled cart at the front of the store:

The tag read: $55, regular $219!!!

After quickly checking to make sure that nothing was broken on it, I excitedly called my husband. We've really been needing some more storage in our bedroom, and we have problems finding cherry-colored furniture in our price range (cheap!).

Of course, we have one car, which I had, but luckily we live quite close to Walmart. My husband stopped mowing the lawn, and he and my other daughter walked over to Walmart, while I paced the store praying that no one else would buy it! When he saw it (and the price), my husband said, "Why did you even call me. Let's get it!"

There would have been pretty much no way to get this home in our car, so it was obviously meant to be that we found this piece at a store so close to home. I asked the manager if we could borrow the cart that the cabinet was already on, and she agreed. We left my driver's licence as security, and my husband rolled the cart home while I drove the two girls. I was able to help Michael carry it in the door, and then the husband of a friend helped him get it upstairs.

The piece was of course a floor model, but it is in remarkably great condition for that huge reduction in price. Michael says that it wasn't put together with perfect precision, and there is one small scratch on the side. These little imperfections don't really mean anything to us. I even already have one of those furniture pens that can cover up scratches.

The secretary (cabinet) is now sitting in our room at the end of the bed, perfectly matching the other furniture. It sure looks a lot nicer than the cardboard wardrobe box that had been sitting there since we moved last year. ;-)

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