Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekly Deal Roundup

The best deals this week, from the blogosphere and beyond:

I don't see too many grocery deals yet for the week, but I'm sure some will come up later. For now, here are a few other random goodies:

Get your Home Made Simple coupon booklet. These always have good coupons for cleaning products, including one for a free product.

Angie at Baby Cheapskate reports that Pediped.com is having big sale on their beautiful, soft-soled shoes for babies and toddlers. My younger daughter received a pair of these as a gift, and they are both gorgeous and sturdy. I think that good shoes are important, even if I have to spend a bit more on them, so I am excited about this sale. It also benefits the Make a Wish Foundation.

Baby Cheapskate also has a helpful roundup of sales and discounts on baby and kids products to look forward to in June. Check it out here.

If you have a Border's book store in your area, check out their bargain rack. I was at my local Borders yesterday, and they had several racks of books outside the front of the store for just $1.00! I didn't find any wonderful titles, but I also didn't have much time to look. You can't beat a dollar for a new book!

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  1. The best place to get a book for $1 (or less!) is a yard sale and they usually have much better titles than the $1 bin at Border's. And it's yard sale season now! My favorite! :)


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