Friday, November 20, 2009

Product Review: Ultimate Cloth

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Ultimate Cloth America for this review. 

Product: The Ultimate Cloth

Media Blurb: 

The Ultimate Cloth is eco-friendly solution for homes as well as a money and time saver. The Ultimate Cloth is a brand new technology – in fact, it is the only cloth to receive a new patent in the last 25 years.  The Ultimate Cloth is a simple, green and effective one-step cleaning process.  The Ultimate Cloth cleans any hard surface – glass, wood, granite, stainless steel and many more – with just water!  No longer do you have to use harsh chemicals in your home, nor do you need spend hundreds of dollars per year buying them.  The Ultimate Cloth has been lab tested to remove 96% of bacteria, without the use of chemicals.  And, can cut 50% off your cleaning time.  The Ultimate Cloth is truly the ultimate in green cleaning.  

I was intrigued to examine the Ultimate Cloth when it arrived in the mail, wondering what the material would be like, since it is supposed to clean without any cleaners or chemicals.  The cloth is thin and almost papery at first, but it seems to soften with washing.  Although thin, it seems very strong.  It is also quite large, which is why the directions suggest folding it and switching sides to get maximum cleaning time from each use.  The cloth did stain somewhat from mopping my dirty kitchen floor, but a nice benefit is that it can be bleached.

One of the reasons I was very excited to try the Ultimate Cloth was that it was advertised as an alternative to Swiffer mop refills.  I stopped buying Swiffer refills a while ago, as they are incredibly expensive, but I do love the concept and ease of my Swiffer mop and still use it with other cloths.

Therefore, the first test to which I put the Ultimate Cloth was mopping my always grimy kitchen floor.  I dampened the cloth, as the directions dictate, and attached it to my Swiffer mop.  It seemed to clean quite as well as my usual microfiber cloth and vinegar and water solution, if not a little better.  The relative stiffness of the Ultimate Cloth seemed to help it tackle stuck-on stains better than my other cloths.

After washing, the next job I tackled with the Cloth was mopping my hardwood floor.  I'm always leery of putting any cleaners on the hardwood, so this was perfect.  It really shined the floor.  Since the uncovered part of my wood floor is not very big, after I was done I just pulled the cloth off the mop, folded it over, and used it to quickly wash the windows!  I was really pleased with how it worked on the windows; even though it uses only water it both cleaned well and did not seem to streak.

Overall, I was fairly impressed with the Ultimate Cloth.  I would not say that it was a miracle product or anything, but it seems to be a quality, green, and frugal alternative to paper towels and other disposable cleaning products.  And at the reasonable price of $6 each, I think it could be a very worthwhile investment.

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The company will reveal how to get the free Ultimate Cloths via Twitter and facebook.  Especially for free, I would definitely say it's worth giving this product a try!

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