Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly Savings Roundup

I did quite a bit of grocery shopping this week, and I got some really good deals.  It felt good to stock up.   I technically got my Harris Teeter Super Double deals last week, but since the promotion ran through this past Tuesday, I feel justified in sharing them. 

I spent $21.27 for all this at Harris Teeter.  I wouldn't say it was my best Super Doubles trip ever, but I got a few good freebies and some treats for very low prices.

At the end of this week I started my March shopping, in preparation for my March freezer cooking day.  

I made a trip to Giant, which I haven't visited in a while, for this amazing Gorton's deal (thanks Redemption Unlimited!)  Since my family is observing Lent right now and eating less meat, it was great to get a good deal on all that fish.  I also got some deals on a few other items on my shopping list.  Sometimes I find it's good for me to visit a store that I don't usually patronize to get an updated idea of their prices.  Although I know I'm getting a good deal on most items at my beloved Wegmans, for instance, I found that dried beans were significantly less at Giant.  I'm going to have remember to stock up when I go there.  I spent $31.36 at Giant for the items in the left picture.

I finished up my shopping at Wegmans and spent $68.67 there.  (This included two huge packages of boneless chicken breasts, dated that day and marked down to $1.69/lb.  I just went home and froze them that evening.)

Here are my current monthly totals:

Total spent -$308.37
Total under budget -$6.63

March (spent this week):
Target - $20.71
Giant - $31.36
Wegmans -$68.67
CVS - $7.00
Total spent -$127.74
Total remaining -$187.26

I didn't quite make my $300 goal in September, although I was under our $315 budget.  I think I've decided to suspend that little goal for a while and allow myself the extra $15 leeway.  With being pregnant now, I'm shifting my focus to eating an even healthier diet, while satisfying my cravings and keeping convenient food on hand so we don't resort to takeout.  So I think I've got plenty of challenge for myself right now!


  1. Hey girl! You did great! I keep hoping it will fix itself, but I'm guessing it's not going to! I totally appreciate you having on your blogroll.Could you please update the URL to:
    I made some changes and I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks! And Congrats on your pregnancy!

  2. grat job. =) I just moved from the west coast to Central NY and I'm trying to learn to love Wegmans. Grocery stores out here seemed to be laid out on a different floor plan than the west and its taking time. Can you give me any insight about sale cycles for Wegmans on meat? I am having the darndest time finding a good price ($1.75 or less) on chicken and ground beef (well, any beef for that matter... I'd be happy to find a good price on roasts and grind my own with my kitchenaid). I was so used to having an Albertson's $1.88/pound sale at least once a month to fall back on if nothing else good came around.

  3. Hi Rosie,

    Sorry, but at least in my area, my best price on meat is $1.99/lb. Every so often, I can get $1.79, so if you have a big freezer you could stock up then.

    Basically, Wegmans seems to have one of either boneless chicken or ground beef club packs for $1.99/lb. almost every week, with a few exceptions. Sometimes its just for one week; sometimes it runs for a couple of weeks. Like I said, every so often you can get $1.79/lb. too.

    If you check my Wegmans deal write-up each week here:
    I almost always include the sale meat of the week.

    Hope that helps!


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