Monday, June 28, 2010

Product Review: Reno Rose Nurf

Recently I had the opportunity to review an interesting new product: Reno Rose Nurf.

What is Nurf?
Nurf is a patent-pending convertible scarf created by Rino Greenwood, founder of Reno Rose. Originally invented as a nursing cover, the Nurf also complements any woman's outfit as a fashion accessory. The Nurf serves five different functions and can transform into 14 completely different, unique looks.

Functions of the Nurf include the following
Nursing Cover
Stroller/Car Seat Cover
Accessory for purses and diaper bags
Shade for baby carrier or sling
Fashion accessory: to see all 14 different looks, please refer to "The ways to wear Nurf and it's sizing reference."   The Nurf is available in ten different designs.

I received the Emily model (pictured), which is a really attractive light blue and chocolate pattern.  The material is a light and translucent fabric, but it does not seem too sheer for nursing. 

In all honesty, I did not have the opportunity to use the Nurf much since I received it.  Although I think scarves are really attractive, I don't often wear them, and at 7 months pregnant in 90+ degree weather it's been too hot to wear any unnecessary clothing!  However, in cooler weather I would definitely try wearing it in some of the many styles shown on the website.

I think I personally will find the Nurf the most useful when the baby comes.  I have 100% confidence that I will use it as a nursing cover.  I actually have a similar wrap in a heavier knit that I have used as a nursing cover, but the Nurf is better because it much lighter.  I also really like that it does not scream "nursing," but is more like a fashion accessory. 

When you have a baby, having an extra piece of fabric in the diaper bag for padding something or shading or wrapping the baby is always useful as well.  There's always the option of draping it on after breastmilk leaks through your shirt or the baby spits up all over you too!  The Nurf is also so lightweight that it would take up hardly any room rolled in your purse or diaper bag.

The Nurf is priced at $35, which is a little higher than I would probably want to pay.  However, a quick Google search confirmed that it comparable in price to many commerical nursing covers, and the Nurf is more versatile.  I think it would make a really creative baby shower gift for a stylish mommy-to-be.

Overall, I think this is a useful and creative product and could be a worthwhile investment, especially for a nursing mom.

This is a Mama Buzz Review.  The Product was provided by Reno Rose for this review.  The opinions are my own.

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