Monday, August 16, 2010

Last Call for Guest Posts!

Well, I have less than 3 weeks until my due date, and I'm definitely ready to be done with being pregnant.  However, I'm really trying to work on my patience and at least tolerate, if not enjoy, these last few weeks.  A while back I was inspired by something that Crystal wrote on Money Saving Mom, right before she had her third baby.  She said that she was enjoying the last few weeks of just being a family of four.

That really struck a chord with me when I read it, because I was so impatient for the last two months with my pregnancy with LuLu.  Then, after she was born, as much as loved her, I felt sad that I hadn't enjoyed the last moments alone with my first baby girl.  I had wasted so much time being impatient!  This new baby will be a huge gift to our family, but I know that it will totally change our lives and (at least at first) make life crazier and more complicated.  So, these last few weeks, I'm just trying to live in the moment!

And speaking of how crazy my life will get, I could really use some more guest posts!  That way, you'll still find interesting content here for those first few weeks when I'm having trouble showering, let alone writing!  If you have an idea for a post that you think would be interesting to Frugally Blonde readers, please do send it along.  Thanks so much!

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