Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Costume Groupon

I just wanted to share a Halloween costume deal I just got on Groupon, which should provide my girls Halloween costumes for a bargain price.  (Thanks to Coupon Cravings for the heads up about this deal.) Today on Groupon you can get a $30 credit for for just $15.  To get the deal, go to Groupon, click "visit more cities" near the top, and choose Boston.  The deal is not the featured deal; it's on the sidebar.

Looking through the BuyCostumes site, I found many sale and clearance costumes in the infant/toddler section starting as low at $5.99!  Also, they have "5 Under $5" deals which change daily. 

In the past, I have picked up the girls' Halloween costumes for around $5 at my consignment sale.  (And last year we did homemade.)  However, my four year old is at the point where she is very opinionated about what she wants to be, so I think my days of picking something up without her are over!  With the Groupon, however, she'll be able to pick (although I'll probably limit her to the sale costumes).  With $30 of credit, I'm sure I"ll be able to get a cute costume for each girl.  For an average of $7.50 each (not counting shipping), it's barely more than what I would pay for a consignment sale or homemade costume. 

And I think this year I'll be glad for the convenience!

Note: If you buy through my Groupon referral link, I will get a referral credit.  Thanks.

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