Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best Aldi Deals: 2/23-3/01 - Italian Food Savings

Thanks to Laura at Frugal Friends in Northern Virgina for the best Aldi deals each week.

Priano Balsamic Vinegar. 16.9 oz. $1.99 each

Priano Marinated Tilapia. Balsamic Vinegar With Vegetables, Tomato Garlic or Tomato Basil. 4.4 oz. $1.99 each

Priano Eggplant Parmigiana. 10 oz. $1.99 each

Priano Roasted Peppers. Sweet or Marinated. 12 oz. $1.69 each

Priano Risotto. Four Cheese, Mushroom or Butternut Squash. 5.9 oz. $1.79 each

Priano Italian Diced Tomatoes. 14.5 oz. $0.49 each

Priano Filled Italian Pasta. Ravioli With Cheese, Potato Gnocchi or Ravioli With Mushrooms. 8.8-17.6 oz. $1.69 each

Priano Lady Fingers. 7 oz. $1.49 each
To see the full list of deals at Aldi this week go here.

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