Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip

I'm a little late in posting this, since today is the last day of the promotion, but I thought that some of you might be interested anyway.  Here is my second Harris Teeter run, of Friday night:

Total spent for all of this: $5.63!

Actually, it would have been $11.63, except that my $6 discount from the General Mills promotion that I did on my first trip on Wednesday, actually came off on my second order instead!  I think what happened is that the cashier accidentally forgot to rang up a couple of my 20 items on Wednesday.  Then when I bought more General Mills items on Friday (although not enough to do the promo again), my card gave me credit for the promotion.  So even though the ad stated that you had to buy all the items in one transaction, for me it seemed to be working cumulatively.

Anyway, all I cared about was getting my discount!  However it worked, it sure felt good to walk out of the store with a cart full of groceries for just a little over $5.  This is when couponing feels so rewarding. :-)

(If you're still planning to make one more HT run, check out the coupon matchups here.)

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