Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saving Money by Going Green

I hate the misconception that some people seem to have that you cannot live both frugally and "naturally" or with environmentally friendly practices.  You can definitely be both green and frugal!  In fact, many "green" practices are actually money-saving practices as well.

So each year on Earth Day, I like to publish a list of green practices that not only do not cost money, but actually save you money.  Saving the the earth and saving money at the same time - what's not to love?!

This year Earth Day falls on Good Friday, when I won't be blogging, so I'm sharing my list a little early.

Here's my updated list of money-saving green ideas - share your ideas in the comments!


Turning off lights and unplugging electronics and appliances when not in use

Using rechargeable batteries

Keeping the heat and air conditioning a little lower and using clothing and other methods to stay comfortable

Carpooling or walking or biking to your destination

Combining errands, sharing errand duties with a friend, or simply skipping unnecessary errands

Growing your own organic produce

Using coupons to buy more organic products

Cooking and baking from scratch (saves on packaging and energy to produce prepared products and eliminates additives from your food)

Eating less meat

Buying food in bulk packages instead of individually wrapped

Buying more whole foods, fewer processed foods

Avoiding wasting food by using up leftovers and cooking with what you have

Composting your food scraps

Reusing plastic grocery bags - e.g. as trash bags for small trashcans, lunch bags, etc.

Buying used items - clothes, baby equipment, furniture, etc.

Borrowing and sharing items with friends

Buying energy-efficient appliances when you need to replace what you have


Using cloth diapers

Making homemade cleaners from natural products (vinegar, etc.) instead of buying pricey chemicals

Using resuable food containers and water bottles instead of disposable wraps and bottles

Avoiding paper plates and napkins and using regular dishes and cloth napkins

Trying to fix broken items instead of tossing them

Donating, freecycling, or recycling anything you can instead of throwing it away (donating can save money as tax deductions; freecycling can get you free stuff in return; recycling can make you money in some states)

Reusing worn out clothing, blankets, or towels as cleaning rags

What are other "green" practices that also save money?

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  1. I don't buy paper towels at all. I use white washcloths as dishrags and white kitchen towels that I got cheap at Walmart. I use several a day, keep them in a bucket under the sink, and wash them in hot water and bleach. Saves me hundreds and is better for the Earth!


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