Monday, May 23, 2011

Harris Teeter Triples Deals

I'm finally getting around to posting pics of my Harris Teeter trips.  I'm really very pleased with the results!

First trip: everything pictured above (plus the Luigi's Italian Ice that I forgot to include in the pic) for about $7.50.

My spur-of-the-moment second trip this morning: all this for $1.81!  Yes!!!! I love trips that make me feel like an "extreme couponer." ;-)

Another thing I love about these deals?  They are a great example of why the idea that "all coupon deals are for unhealthy packaged products" is wrong!  I got Greek yogurt, brown rice, dried fruit, 7-grain crackers, Yellowfin tuna, and natural peanut butter all on triple coupon deals.

Hurray for bargains on healthy food!


  1. I always have such a.hard time at HT. They either never have what I'm going for and I have to rework it on the spot (which I'm not good at lol) or won't let me use my coupons that I know other people are able to use. maybe it because I've only been doing this for a couples months, I don't know. I really hope thay I can get as good as you and every one else shopping at HT!

  2. The two HTs i visited did not have the Athenos yogurt, which i was looking forward to getting with coupons.

  3. Yeah, I was lucky to get that Athenos yogurt on my second trip; they had restocked since Friday.

    Katrina, don't be discouraged. Some individual stores can be harder to deal with. I have a lot of problems with my HT running out of the best items too, but I've learned when are the best times to go. I also always take extra coupons and have some back up items in case they're out of some items.


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