Monday, May 23, 2011

Meal Plan - Last Week of May

Here are some pics of meals from last week!

Panko-crusted chicken fingers, corn on the cob, salad

Country Potato Salad with Ham, corn on the cob, cheddar drop biscuits

And here's what I've planned for this week:

Banana muffins
Chocolate chips whole wheat pancakes
Cereal and milk

Ham potato salad w. cheese
Creamy tomato soup
Rice salad w. garbanzo beans
Cheese and crackers

Mon - Baked ziti w. Italian sausage, salad, bread
Tues - Mom's portable beef on rolls, chips, carrot sticks
Wed - Chicken taco filling over rice, fruit salad
Thurs - Leftover baked ziti
Fri - Fritatta, fruit salad, muffins
Sat - Italian Sausage stromboli
Sun - Grilled chicken, salad, bread

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