Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Plan - 3rd Week of May

Whew - busy weekend!  My sister got her Master's Degree this weekend, so Saturday was an exhaustingly fun day of celebration with family.  Then yesterday my husband came down the virus that each member of my family has gotten in turn - will it ever end?  I'm just hoping that I don't get it, or more than this menu plan will fly out the window! ;-)

So, provided that I stay well, here's what I've planned for this week.  (aI've got lots of recipe links, too.)

Cereal and milk
Egg sandwiches
Berry smoothies
Banana muffins

Leftover baked ziti
Creamy tomato soup w. cheese and crackers
Salami sandwiches
Noodle soup

Mon - Leftover chicken with mashed potatoes (this was a good recipe)
Tues - Panko-crusted chicken fingers on rolls, salad
Wed  - Pan-seared lamb loin chops, rice, veggie (I planned these a few weeks ago and never made them; I need use up these lamb shops from the freezer!)
Thurs - Country potato salad, (I'm going to modify this recipe) bread, fruit salad
Fri - Breakfast for dinner - pancakes and eggs
Sat - Mom's portable beef on homemade hamburger rolls, chips, corn, fruit
Sun - Hot dogs, similar sides to above

See more menu plans here.

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