Monday, August 29, 2011

Menu Plan

It's the first day of school!  My baby girl is off to kindergarten.  It's a bittersweet day, although we've been looking forward to it for so long I'm glad it's finally here!

Now that I'm packing two lunches (GiGi's and my husband's) every day, I really feel the need to get more organized about it.  I downloaded this lunchbox planner, and I've mapped out their lunches for this week and posted it on the fridge.  One thing that really helped was figuring out a template for their lunches; i.e. what categories they need each day, like breakfast items, sweet snack, fruit, etc.  Then I can fill in the "template" with the particular items we have that week.

I'm still looking for lunchbox ideas, so if you have any great tips or recipes, feel free to share them in the comments!

Here's the plan for this week:

Blueberry muffins (1st day of school treat!)
Cereal and milk

Lunches (all served with fruit)
Salami sandwiches
Nutella on graham crackers  
Various leftovers

Mon - Salisbury steak, couscous, salad
Tues - Leftover Salisbury steak, hash browns, other veggie
Wed - Chicken stir fry w. brown rice, fruit
Thurs -Swedish meatballs, noodles, salad, ligonberry relish
Fri - Pierogis, salad
Sat - Homemade pizza
Sun - TBD

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