Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip

I am really, really excited about this morning's Harris Teeter Super Doubles shopping trip!  It seems like the last few Super Doubles weeks have been only so-so, but there were some terrific deals today!  This is what I got for $36:

I was most excited about the General Mills promotions - Buy 4 selected cereals get $2 off instantly and Buy 4 Fiber One bars get $2 off instantly.  We have been very low on cereal around here for a while, since I avoid buying it when I can't get it for $1.00/box or less.  Today, after the promotion, manufacturer's coupons, and e-Vic coupons, all the cereals I got today were less than $1.00 each.   My husband and kids will be very, very happy to see this!

I was reminded again today of the importance of checking your receipt before you leave the store, since the instant $2.00 did not come off automatically for either promotion.  My Harris Teeter has great customer service, though, so they refunded me the money when I went to the customer service desk.  I'm just glad that I checked before I strapped the kids back into the car!

I was also very happy to find all that marked down produce.  My Harris Teeter is the only store in my area that has a discount produce rack, and I always check it when I got.  All this produce was $.50/lb. - half of the least that I normally pay.  A lot of it is in good enough condition to last for at least a few days, and anything that is deteriorating fast we will eat or freeze today.

As usual, I used Jenny's detailed lists for my coupon matchups.

I usually get my deals in just one trip during Super Doubles week, but since you can only do the cereal promotion once per order, I will be going back.  Time to stock up on cereal!

Did any of you go to Harris Teeter today or get any other great grocery deals?

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