Friday, January 16, 2009

Amazing Target and Rite Aid Deals!

I have several deals that I just have to share today for Super Savings Saturday. The Target Christmas clearance is technically from last week, but it was so good that I have to show it off!

First off, my 90% off Target Christmas clearance! I paid $10 for all the items in this picture, which is less than the original price of either the baby outfit or the t-shirt alone!

I have observed that some stores reduce seasonal items to as much as 90%, so I refused to buy anything after Christmas at less than 75% off. Of course, the selection is limited by that time, but there is so much merchandise for Christmas that it was easy to find something cute or useful

Then from this week, I have the 2 packs of Huggies diapers and 2 packs of Huggies wipes, for which I will have paid $3.81 altogether, after rebate! (This deal is still good through Saturday too!) Thanks to Dana at Frugal in Virginia for this amazing deal!

Also, thanks to Frugal in Virgina, I rushed to Target this evening to check out 75% off toys! I didn't think much of most of the 75% off selection, but I did pick up the following, which I think is pretty amazing.

This Cherry Blossom Market place was $60, and I got it for $14.95! With two little girls, I know that this will be a great future birthday or Christmas gift!

Just as a disclaimer, I don't usually spend this much money on random items, but these Christmas clearance items were such good deals. I hope they will save me money come this December!

PS - Next week (Monday through Friday) I am starting a series of posts on "5 Principles of a Frugal Lifestyle." I hope you'll join me!


  1. My Target had some really nice items on clearance as well. I got $100 worth of items for just $10. I was too excited.

  2. I had some good luck at Target this week, too! I don't think any of our Christmas clearance went to 90% off though - I think it was all gone before then. Great deals!


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