Friday, January 23, 2009

Squirrels in the Attic . . .

We have squirrels in our attic. They've been in there since before we moved in this past March. (Our house was a foreclosure and empty when we bought it, so who knows how long they've been there!) They are getting in through a triangular- shaped opening near the roof.

Now, one of the things that we spend money on and don't do ourselves is that we have a contract with a pest-control service. (Like I said, our house was empty when we bought it . . . .) Our exterminators told us that we really need to get the squirrels out, because they can carry disgusting bugs. Originally, they offered to get the squirrels out, mend the roof, and treat for bugs for over $600. However, in the few weeks we took to discuss it they came back and lowered their price to around $300! Although we weren't trying to get them to lower the price, it does show the value of renegotiating.

However, since my husband is pretty much as much a frugal zealot as I am, he wanted to fix the hole himself, with the help of his dad. The exterminators agreed to just treat and de-nest for $175, and they're coming tomorrow morning.

However, they told us that Michael needs to fix the hole right after they do this, even posting a "look-out" to make sure no squirrels come back in before the hole is patched! Yikes! We're under attack from squirrels! I'm just a bit worried about how this whole thing is going to work out . . . .

So, was barricading out the squirrels ourselves a smart money saving move or a false economy? I'm sure hoping for the first, but check back tomorrow or next week to hear the story!

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  1. I found your site through Biblical Womanhood. I was just scanning through the Frugal Friday subjects and couldn't resist yours! We've had FLYING squirrels in our attic - 7 in 4 1/2 years and 3 have come IN THE HOUSE! My husband captured the 3 that came in - he wore thick leather gloves, had a plastic storage tote with a lid, and a broom! He cornered the cute little things (it's not nearly as easy to do it as it is to type about it!) until he could grab them with his gloved hand, then put them in the tote and took them a few miles away from the house and set them free. We also had an exterminator (actually, he's a DNR guy who traps and either sets free or gives them to people who actually want them) come in and set traps. He was here recently because my husband had captured 2 in 2 weeks and he set out traps. (Actually our German Shepherd held one captive under the couch until we returned home, then he caught it, spit it out, and held his paw on it until my husband could take it away!!!) The DNR guy told me that squirrels will take the food he sets out and eat it somewhere else, mice will eat it where they find it. So, if you're going to try to capture the squirrels on your own (possibly by setting out food for them), you'll have to be tricky about it. Also, if you seal up where they are getting in, be prepared for them to die in your attic and cause an awful, awful stench that will last about a week! One more thing of consideration - once you rid your attic of squirrels, you might want to clean it thoroughly - the feces and urine can soak through the ceiling and cause stains and odors. I hope that last part wasn't too graphic, but it's experience speaking and trying to help.


  2. Well, good luck with that. I love my squirrels (I call them my 'skwerl babies') who come visit me on my deck, but they don't get into my attic. They did when we were first here, but my husband put heavy mesh over the little windows up there. (They are those weird louvered windows that are just for venting.)Not a problem since.
    My skwerlies never eat my tulip bulbs or my pathetic attempts at vegetables, because we feed them peanuts. They really are fun to watch...but I sure wouldn't want them skimpering around my attic, either, LOL!


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