Monday, January 26, 2009

Target Trip

I can't resist sharing my other Saturday shopping trip, which was after I had already posted about the Shoppers trip. But I was even more excited by these Target deals!

I've been holding on to nine $2 off coupons for these new Kashi cereal bars, waiting until they went on a good enough sale. Finally I saw them down to $2.75 at my Super Target, so I got each box for $.75! It especially makes me happy because these are all natural and healthy, so I like to give them to my daughter.

If you're interested in getting some of these coupons, there is still one available online here. (You can print it twice.) The others were mailed to me by VocalPoint, which is 100% worth joining if you like coupons! It is a Proctor and Gamble site -- basically they send you really great coupons for new products and there is a site where you can give feedback on the products.

Also, the whole grain poptarts had $1 off peelie coupons on the boxes, so I got those for $.89 each. The Johnson's Buddies soaps are priced at $.99, and I got them for free with a $3 off 3 Johnson's products from a recent newspaper insert.

So I paid $7.11 including tax for all these items!

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  1. Great Job! The Tightwad Gazette would tell you to remember this about coupons- your savings is only the amount of money that you actually saved. Example: Store brand cereal costs $1. On brand cereal costs $1.50. You have a coupon for .75 cents. Your savings are then only .25 cents, not .75. I love that you ended with the total money you spent. That's the only number that matters! It's important to know how much you actually save with coupons to make sure your time is being well spent! And read the Tightwad Gazette!!! :-) It's a requirement to being a true tightwad!


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