Monday, January 26, 2009

Update on the Squirrels!

Well, I am happy to report that we are officially squirrel-free! Overall, I would say that in the end Michael was right, and I am happy that we only paid $175.

However, the day did end up being a little more complex than we expected. First of all, there was some mixup with our pest control company, and they thought the date was next Saturday. However, since Michael's dad was already over, Michael asked if they could possibly fit it in anyway, and they agreed to come in the late afternoon. They told Michael that he and his dad could patch the hole first, and then they would treat the attic afterwards.

What none of them anticipated was that a squirrel was still in there! So Michael ended up having to remove the board over the hole so they could chase the squirrel out. So basically, he had to redo the work that he and his dad had already done, but the pest control guy held the ladder for him and it wasn't too big a deal.

Michael did point out that after chasing the squirrel out, the guys were there for only about fifteen minutes, so it was a pretty easy $175 for them! It sure made us glad that we weren't paying $300 or $600 for fifteen minutes.

Thanks to Michael's creative thinking, I think we came out of this one pretty frugally. :-D
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  1. I know you check your blog more than facebook, so I just wanted to let you know I sent out an invitation for Mom's Night tomorrow.

    Congrats on getting rid of your squirrels! Go you for thinking everything through!


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