Monday, March 23, 2009

Bloom Triple Coupons and More Saturday Shopping

Well, I did end up making my first trip to Bloom's triple coupon event on Saturday. I was in a hurry, so I just went in for the free or close to free deals, courtesy of Redemption Unlimited. I bought everything pictured below, $25 worth of groceries ($20 after sales).

Well, after my tripled coupons, my total was negative!!! The cashier just stared at it for a second, so I helpfully asked if I should buy something else! I added a pack of Skittles, and ended up paying $.55 for my order. I think that was the first time this has happened to me!

Then I proceeded to Target to repeat some of the deals I had already gotten. I arrived home with five bags of groceries, for which in total I paid $6. I was so excited.

I really feel so blessed by the abundance of great deals lately. Let's just say we won't run out of cereal or granola bars soon! And I'm excited to have extra to share with friends and family.

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