Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Memorial Day is this weekend, and it's time to start grilling! I got a huge bag of charcoal for half price on the discount rack at Giant, just because the bag was a little torn, so we're all ready to go.

Last summer, since we have a big charcoal grill, my husband and I would grill a bunch of meat on the weekend and use it throughout the week. It made my cooking easier during the week, and it made the best use of the energy and fuel of the grill. Plus, I love grilled food in the summer!

Here's what I'm planning the next few weeks:

cereal, oatmeal, bagels, eggs, bacon

cheese and crackers, pbj, cold cuts, chicken pasta salad (see below), leftovers

Mon - Leftover Chicken Chili, homemade queso, corn chips, fruit
Tues - Hotdogs and popcorn picnic (at Michael's softball game)
Thurs - Kashi frozen meal (for me), frozen homemade chicken nuggets (for daughter) (Michael out)
Fri - Tilapia (recipe tba - I've been meaning to get some fish)
Sat - Grilled chicken fajitas, corn, fruit
Sun - Grilled hamburgers, homemade fries, corn on the cob

Mon - Attending a Memorial Day party, bringing potato salad
Tues - Chicken pasta salad (with leftover grilled chicken), muffins
Wed - Chinese Orange Beef, rice, fruit (never made this last week)
Thurs - Swedish meatballs, rice, salad
Fri - Pasta with marinara sauce, salad, bread
Sat - Leftover Chinese beef
Sun - TBA
You can get more menu ideas at Menu Planning Mondays!

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