Monday, June 22, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

We're mostly eating from the pantry and freezer again this week. I'm trying to use up a lot of stuff before our vacation, so that I can make a fresh start when we get back. I am planning to shop at Wegmans this morning, but mostly to get food to cook for Michael to eat while the girls and I are in North Carolina.

And by the way, I finally cooked the Chinese Orange Chicken last week! Michael likes his Chinese food spicy, so we would have preferred some added red pepper flakes or something, but I thought it was really good. It tasted like getting Chinese takeout - but fresher and healthier.

Here's our simple menu this week:

Mon - Leftover roundup ;-)

Tues - Homemade pizza (save some for Friday), salad

Wed - Black bean tacos, fruit salad

Thurs - Pasta with Italian sausage, salad, bread

Fri - Leftover homemade pizza (on paper plates - we're leaving in the morning!)

Sat - Off to the beach!!!
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