Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu Plans

Yesterday evening we grilled a ton of food, so the majority of the work is already done on my dinners for the week. (I wrote about doing this here.)

I really like this meal planning only for one week; it's much easier to figure out exactly what I'll need. Normally I do two weeks because of having only one car, so I try to make my errands very efficient. Also, my preferred grocery store, Wegmans, is 30 minutes away. However, when they finish building the Wegmans closer to my house, I might try switching my system to just one week at a time.

Without further ado, here's my menu plan. Lots of yummy grilled food and produce from the garden!

Mon - Grilled London Broil (great sale at Giant this week!), grilled potatoes, corn on the cob
Tues - Frozen homemade lasanga, salad from our garden, homemade bread
Wed - Grilled lemon pepper chicken, sauteed radishes, frozen french fries
Thurs - Leftover steak, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad
Fri - Homemade pesto pasta, salad, bread

Sat - Sliders (mini hamburgers) for my sister's birthday dinner
Sun - Leftovers, etc.

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  1. Lemon pepper chicken is something I normally order out...I should try cooking it instead. Thanks for the idea :)


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