Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekly Deal Roundup

The very best deals for your week, from the blogosphere and beyond . . .

Grocery Deals:

Thanks to Gina for pointing out how awesome the Mott's applesauce deal at Target is this week.  I don't buy many products in individual serving packs (they tend to be more expensive that way), but applesauce is an exception.  My girls think it is as good as candy, and is so convenient for home, on-the-go, work for my husband, and even for baking (each cup is a 1/2 cup).

You can get free Snuggle dryer sheets at Family Dollar right now.  Coupon Cravings tells you how.

There's a really good rebate on 3 boxes of Kellogg's cereal going on now.  More info here.

I don't see too many other amazing grocery deals this week, but here are some links to good printable and electronic coupons:
$1.60 off Nature Valley Clusters
New Cellfire coupons
New October coupons

Other Deals:

As a child, I dearly loved Snow White.  (Wait - what do I mean "as a child"?)  There is still nothing that matches this first Disney classic!  So I admit, I'm a little excited about the Snow White Diamond Edition DVD/Blu-Ray coming out this week.  Go here to find out how you can get it for as low as $4.99!

Need free shipping at LandsEnd?  Well, first of all, you can almost always get it if you sign up for their emails.  Also, you can order in-store at Sears.  But if you really need it right now, feel free to use these codes: THANKS & PIN 1610.  They're from my catalogue, and I'm not going to use them.  They're good for two people and expire Oct. 8.

Go here to find out how to sign up for the Home Depot Home Improver club.  I'm signing up!  Every since we bought our house we spend money at Home Depot like you wouldn't believe!

Ashley reports that Amazon is having a sale on Britax car seats.  These are so expensive, so if you need a carseat this could be a great deal!

See any other standout deals this week?  Please let us know in the comments section!

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