Thursday, November 5, 2009

Deal Alert - Target Clearance!

I just got back from my local Super Target, where I stopped with my girls for a promised treat after their pediatrician checkups.  I was sure glad I stopped!  My Target had all their Halloween items already 75% off!

There were still a lot of different items, including a big double rack of costumes, but I bet everything will go quickly.  I picked up a Wilton Pumpkin cake pan for $1.24 and a Pillsbury Halloween cake mix for $.39 (the last one!).

Candy was 50% off, and I found two coupon deals!  (Most of the candy coupons seemed to have expired on Oct. 31, but these two are still good.)  I got:

1 bag caramel Hershey kisses (in fall wrapping) - $1.49
Used $1.00/1 coupon from recent insert
Final Price: $.49

1 bag Dove Silky Smooth dark chocolate pieces - $1.74
Used $1.00/1 coupon from recent insert
Final Price: $.79

Although I usually wait to buy clearance items until they're at least 75% off, the candy won't last that long, so I think these are pretty great deals.  And there's still a whole month of fall ahead of us, plus Thanksgiving, so the fall candy is still fully appropriate!

Anybody else run into any great fall clearance deals lately?


  1. I got some Nestle crunch bars for .49 cents per bag and i got two bage of Wonka candy for .14 cents and one other bag of Wonka for .24 cents. If i had had the coupon for the Hershey's kisses, i could have gotten it for dirt cheap too but i didn't have it with me. I will probably go back and see if they have any more. You are really teaching me how to be frugal and i am so thankful.

  2. Great finds, Liz! I seldom have any luck with Target clearance. I went on Monday and everything was still 'too expensive' and then I went today and everything (at least the good stuff) was gone. Oh well, maybe after Christmas...


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