Thursday, July 1, 2010

Garden Update #5

I feel like I haven't shared any garden updates in a while.  I love June and July in the garden, because they are so exciting.  The plants are growing quickly, and tiny vegetables appear and begin to ripen.

I finally have pretty much everything planted and in place, so I thought I'd give you an idea of the total scope of my garden. 

This is the main garden plot, that we dug last year on one side of our backyard:

This is our side plot, which does not get as much sun, but which we decided to use as extra garden space, since it already had no grass from a former woodpile.

This is our little front "flowerbed," which I have used since we moved in as my herb garden.

And finally, my friend who is moving to Europe recently gave us most of her container garden.  So we have even more vegetables on the back deck!

Among these 4 areas, we have the following plants:
- 3 rows of spinach
- 2 long rows of mesclun greens
- about 10 tomato plants in various stages of development
- 4 pepper plants (also in various stages of maturity)
- 7 cucumber plants
- a row of carrots
- 3 cantaloupe plants (still unsure if these are going to take)
- 1 brussell sprout plant
- lots of mint, parsley, cilantro, and 3 varieties of basil

It's still a small garden, but not bad for the yard of a townhouse.  And it's more than plenty for me to maintain. 

I'm very excited to see what kind of harvest we'll be getting over the next few months!

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