Monday, August 9, 2010

Where I'm Storing My Freezer Cooking . . .

. . . my new freezer!!!

I've been wanting an extra freezer for a little while, but have been discouraged by the cost (hundreds of dollars) and our lack of a lot of extra space.  Even on Craigslist, I didn't see many freezers for much less than $100, and the ones I did see tended to be old, dirty ones from the garage.

So imagine my excitement at finding this one at a yard sale on Saturday morning, priced at $50.  And the sellers had mentioned that they were open to negotiation, so I offered $40 and was accepted!  This freezer is a Kenmore, is super clean, and is upright rather than a chest, which is convenient.  Plus it is only about 3 feet tall, which is about the smallest I'm going to get.

I'm really excited to see how having the additional freezer space may help me save even more money.  Before if I found marked-down meat, super-cheap produce, or another deal on perishables, I could never buy much more than we would soon eat.  Now I'll have much more ability to stockpile.

Additionally, when I am able to do a freezer cooking day I'll be able to freeze a lot more.  This is very pertinent right now when I'm trying to store up food for us to eat when the baby is born.  I'm hoping I'll get the new freezer pretty full before D-day!

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  1. A deep freezer came with our new house and it has been great! When I was expecting Frank I was able to store soooo many meals/desserts for after his birth. I don't think I had to cook for at least a month.


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