Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Freezer Cooking

For really the first time since Baby Gem was born at the end of August, I actually did a freezer cooking session for the month!  Well, it turned out to be two different sessions; one on a random weekday when everything happened to be relatively calm and one on Saturday. 

Here's what I made:
- Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
- 6 bran muffins (from a mix I happened to have)
- 1 lb. black beans cooked and frozen
- 6 lbs. of baked chicken fingers
- about 12 Apple Phyllo Triangles (using up an ancient roll of phyllo dough from the freezer!)
- big pot of chili (not pictured)
- 2 batches (18 total) of Bread Machine Bagels (not pictured)

I was glad to get this much accomplished, since finding time for cooking from scratch is a lot harder these days!

However, I still don't feel like my freezer is fully stocked for the month.  For one thing, we seem to eat a lot more a lot more quickly than we used to, between a hungry breastfeeding Mommy and growing kids.  It seems like we've already eaten a decent amount of this stuff!  Also I think that since I can no longer find the time to spend one entire day cooking and have to spread it out into smaller sessions, I feel less productive.

Still, it is so helpful to have some baked goods and dinner items prepared ahead of time, even if we do eat them up in a week or two.

PS - Over at Life as Mom you can see more freezer cooking results.

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