Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Planning Monday - First Week of Lent

We start observing Lent on Wednesday, and that means meatless meals on Wednesday and Friday of this week.  I always look forward to the simplicity of Lent, especially since I'm still struggling to eat a little healthier and lose the last of the baby weight.

Today I'm making vast quanitities of dinner in the crockpot and bringing some to a friend.  I'll always be grateful to the family friends who gave us a huge crockpot for our wedding.  I never knew how much I would use it!

Here's the food I've planned for this week:

Cereal and milk
Leftover pancakes

Salami sandwiches and tomato soup
Leftover Chinese takeout
Sliced salisbury steak on biscuits
Tuna sandwiches/cheese pizza

Mon - Crockpot creamy chicken (never made this last week), drop biscuits, green salad
Tues - Leftover chicken and biscuits, fruit
Wed - Frozen pierogis (from HT super doubles), green salad
Thurs - Baked pennne with ground beef and mozzarella, green salad, bread
Fri - White bean and spinach pasta, green salad, bread
Sat - Shepherd's pie, spinach

Head over to Menu Planning Monday for more menu ideas!

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