Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wegmans Pricing and Coupon Policy Changes

My weekly Wegmans deals will be published as regularly scheduled this afternoon, but I couldn't wait to share with you a couple of updates on Wegmans pricing and coupon policies.

First of all, Wegmans has just pledged that, despite rising food costs, they will not raise the prices on 40 common grocery items through the end of 2011. 

We considered the importance of an item to a family when choosing our list of 40,” said President Colleen Wegman. “Such things as bananas, pasta, frozen vegetables, and laundry detergent are in most shopping carts every week. They are products that families can’t do without, so what they pay for these items really matters.”

Some of the other items include orange juice, ground beef, boneless chicken breasts, bagged salad, and yogurt.  The majority of the items are Wegmans' brand, which in my opinion is vastly superior to many store brands. You can read the full press release here.  This applies to all Wegmans stores.
Secondly, I have some exciting news for my fellow Wegmans shoppers in Maryland and Virginia.  Wegmans has updated our coupon policy and will now be doubling coupons up to $.99! 
I am so thrilled by this news, as it will obviously make some coupon deals quite a bit better.  It also brings Wegmans's policy up to the same level as local competitors Giant, Harris Teeter, and Bloom, all of which double up to $.99.  In the past, I have occasionally saved higher value coupons to use on my less frequent trips to one of those stores that would double them; I'll be happy to be able to use them on my weekly Wegmans trips now.
You can read the full updated coupon policy here.  Again, this applies only to Maryland and Virginia stores, as Wegmans' coupon policies vary by region.  You can find the coupon policy at your store here.
Starting with my Wegmans deals published later today, I will be now listing the deals to reflect this new coupon policy, as it seems to be similar at the majority of Wegmans stores.  However, I always try to indicate if a coupon is doubled in the final price breakdown.
Thanks to the Wegmans Fresh Stories Blog and Laura at Frugal Friends for helping to keep me updated with these changes!

Good for Wegmans for being aware of and responding to customers' needs!


  1. i had read the 40 pledge somewhere.. maybe I got an email? but I didn't hear about the coupon change.

    Yahoo!!! I have become a regular shopper at Wegmans for my basic grocery needs, despite the fact that involves a 25 minute drive from my house -- and I have both a Safeway and HT in walking distance.

    I've become a big fan of Wegmans too and the coupon policy is fabulous news.

    Thanks for sharing these great deals info!

  2. Woo hoo for Wegmans now doubling coupons up to $0.99 in face value every day! It's so exciting that they're matching the policy that many other DC-area grocery stores have in place.
    :) Laura


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