Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baking Day Results

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Well, as you can see below, our baking day was a success! (You can see our progress here, here, and here if you're just joining us.) It feels really good to know that I have some healthy homemade food on hand now!

We made sandwich bread, muffins, corn chips, chicken nuggets, beans, and popsicles (and Jello with the leftovers from popsicle making). I ran out of time and energy before getting to cookies or any additional muffins, but that can be for another day.

Now I've got to clean up the kitchen and run a quick errand before dinner!

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  1. You totally rock! After we move and get settled, I want to start making everything from scratch, too. How fun! It might be no good for my diet though... Haha!


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