Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Deals Roundup

The very best deals for your week, from the blogosphere and beyond . . .

Grocery Deals:

CVS has a good package deal this week on some supplies for your upcoming super bowl party; see my post here.

Find out here how to sign up for a free organic coupon book.

Local readers - Laura has the scoop on recent and current deals at the new Safeway store that just opened in Fairfax.

I also just noticed that Laura has a great feature here that lists the free-after-coupons deals at all area stores in the DC area each week.  That would be worth a look each week when you're deciding where to shop.

Other Deals:

Since we got a professional portrait made at Christmas time, I just enclosed those in our Christmas cards and did not take advantage of any of the great free and very cheap photo card offers.  That's why I was very excited that one is back: get 24 free photo cards from SeeHere for $2.49, including shipping.  I put together some cute Valentine cards in just a few minutes, and I know that far away family members will really appreciate the the surprise.

Baby Cheapskate and Baby Goodbuys both reported last week about the great clearance sale on FuzziBunz cloth diapers.  There are still some colors left, although mostly prints (which are $2.00 more).  Still, these are excellent prices for brand new cloth diapers.  We use FB and have been very happy with them.

Go here to find out how to get three free issues of Family Circle and a free year's subscription to Forbes.

Wow - women's clothing store J. Jill has 80% off clearance with an extra 40% off?!  Wow!  Check out the details here.

See any other great deals this week?  Pleases share in the comments section!

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  1. Thanks SO much for posting about the photo card deal! :)


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