Thursday, January 21, 2010

Four 2-Liter Bottles of Dr. Pepper for $.60 Total!

I just had to share the deal I ran into by chance at Safeway yesterday.  (I rarely shop at Safeway, but I had a gift card to use.  So I decided to head over there to get some things we need for some company this weekend.  Otherwise, I've been sticking to no shopping this week.)

I wanted to get some soda, and I noticed at all the 2-liter bottles of Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, and Cherry Dr. Pepper at my store had $.55 "peelie" coupons on them.  The bottles were priced at $1.69 each, but if you bought four they were just $1.25 each.  I didn't know if the peelie coupons would double, but they did!  (My Safeway doubles coupons up to $.99). So basically I paid $1.25/bottle and saved $1.10 in coupons per bottle, making them just $.15 each!

I also took advantage of this fruit-by-the-foot deal.  I might be the only mother of toddlers who doesn't buy fruit snacks, but I make an exception if they're free or practically free!  At my store it worked like this:

I bought 4 packages, 3 of which rang up $1.00 and the 4th $2.00 = $5.00
I used 2 printable $.50/2 coupons, which doubled = -$2.00
I received a $2.50 catalina for my next order
Total spent = $.50 for 4 boxes

Today I just saw that you might also be able to get free Annie's natural mac and cheese at Safeway this week as well!

Like I said, I don't usually shop at Safeway, but these deals yesterday made me give them a second look!

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