Monday, May 17, 2010

A Confession

This weekend I was not at all frugal. 

Saturday night I was exhausted and cranky, and I actually made my husband go get us pizza, rather than eating some leftovers or making pasta.  Sunday . . . I really blew the budget!  My sister and I had planned to go see a play together in DC.  We got a great deal on "young professionals" tickets at the Shakespeare Theatre, but that was the only frugal part of the day.  We went out for an expensive (at least by my standards) lunch, and after the theatre we stopped for a ridiculously expensive (but very yummy) cupcake.  THEN, since I had come all the way out there, my sister persuaded me to stay and see a movie with her!  Since this pregnant mommy of course needed more food by then, we bought a hot dog, popcorn, and sodas at the movies, and you all know how absurd the prices for those are. 

Now, I had a really fun day with my sister, and it was such a nice break!  However, the money I spent: OUCH!

In some sense, I could justify the expenditures by saying that I never do this, so I can treat myself once in a while.  That is very true in a way.  Weekends like this are certainly rare, and I wasn't spending money we don't have.  However, I have to admit to myself that justification is not quite accurate.  I hadn't exactly saved up and earmarked the money for these particular things.  This was more of a spontaneous thing, and I was using "discretionary" money that is really supposed to be for more important unexpected expenses than "Mommy doesn't feel like cooking."

Why do I share this?  I guess want to make sure you all know that I'm not perfectly frugal!  I am committed to the lifestyle we lead, but at times I get tired and frustrated with it.  And I certainly get tempted to spend more money than I should, and, once in a while, I give in.

I feel like I shouldn't have quite spend all that I did this weekend, but I'm also not going to wallow in guilt.  I think this once-in-a-blue-moon spurge has satiated me for a while.  I feel like: okay, I splurged and had a good time, but now I'm going to back to focusing on what I know are more important goals for our money.  In reality, I wouldn't want to live like that every weekend, and I know that we certainly can't afford to!


  1. I had a similar weekend, we had a shared birthday party for my two kids, my in-laws spent the weekend with us so we did some special activities, i went overboard on a gift for my son (a bike), etc. etc.
    I feel guilty, but recommitted to being more frugal!

  2. I think we've all been there.


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