Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Summer Fun

Schools are about to let our where I live, and summer is practically here!  For me, since I have very young children, summer is not so much different from winter as regards schedule.  However,  I know that when your kids are in school all year and are suddenly home, you need to plan new activites for them.  So I wanted to highlight three different FREE programs that can brighten up your summer and keep you and your kids from getting bored, all with without spending a dime!

Kids Bowling - This is a national program that allows kids within the age guidelines to bowl up to 2 free games per day all summer long!  Plus, you can also purchase a bargain priced "family pass" that allows parents to bowl up to 2 games a day as well. 

Bowling is such a surprisingly great family activity!  It allows both activity and downtime, and even very young kids can participate with the bumpers up.  I'm really bummed that there's no participating bowling alley close to us, but there are several in the greater DC area.

Borders Summer Reading Program - Borders bookstores have a "read 10 books, get one free" program this summer. Can't beat that!  You can choose from a selection of 10 different free books.  I noticed that one is Ramona the Brave, by Beverly Cleary.  I loved the Ramona books as a child!  Johnny Tremain is also a fabulous book!  This program is for ages 12 and under, and it doesn't look like it has a minimum age.  However, judging from the reading level of the free books, it appears to be designed for kids who can read well on their own.

Regal Cinemas Free Family Movies -  Regal Cinemas offers free G or PG movies every Tuesday and Wednesday morning throughout the summer!  We're talking a free trip to the movies - who cares if they're not new releases?  Tickets are first come, first served.  My girls are probably not ready for all the movies, but we could defintiely go to some, like "Horton Hears a Who" and "Charlotte's Web."  Go to the website to find the movies playing in your area.

Some other theater chains have similar programs, so if you don't have a Regal cinemas in your area, see what your local theatre has.  A local independent theater in our town has a simlar program for $1 per ticket.  Sounds like a great rainy day activity!

For other free and cheap summer fun ideas, check out this comprehensive list at Money Saving Mom!

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  1. I know the post is about kids but my favorite deal of the summmer is Lansdowne Resort's Sounds of Summer Concert Series. Every friday night is a free concert, usually jazz music. Kids are welcome too. It's been a favorite of ours for a few years now. And if you want a great and romantic getaway weekend you could book a room and stay over night (they have a package just for this).

  2. Elizabeth, thanks for sharing! I've heard of these concerts but never checked them out. We'll have to go this summer!


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