Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome New Readers!

A warm welcome to all you new readers visiting my site from!  I am passionate about frugal living, and I hope in this blog to try to share that passion with you as I continue on my journey to save money for my family.

Frugally Blonde is all about "living the good life on less." I write about all aspects of frugal living, everything from couponing to thrift store shopping to cooking and gardening. I firmly believe that it is possible to live an exciting and fulfilling life without spending a lot of money!

Some regular features on my blog that you may enjoy include my Monday Weekly Deal Roundup, my Tuesday Tip, and my Saturday shopping totals for the week. I also put together a weekly list of deals at Wegmans with coupon matchups, which usually appears on Tuesday.

Also feel free to check out some of my most popular posts, listed on my left sidebar, including Eating Healthy on a Budget, 7 Simple Ways to Save on Groceries, and Coupons by Email.

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Thanks again for visiting!

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  1. Hi - I did find your site through CNN and I'll definitely be following it. I just moved to Northern Virginia from Utah a few weeks ago and I'm finding that things are more expensive here :) I'm always looking for a good deal and since grocery stores are also different here it's taken me some time to find those deals. Thank you so much for the info you put on your blog - it's very helpful!


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